native Angelino, Webberley is a founding member of Metamorfic Productions LLC, which has produced several award winning shorts and music videos as well as micro budget indie features including the award winning BREAD & BUTTER and RIPE, which was featured as the closing night film at the Women’s International Film & Arts Festival. Currently, Jhennifer is producing And Then There Was Eve, a feature in post-production. Webberley holds a MFA (Magna Cum Laude) in Film and Television Production from the USC School of Cinema-Television and a MBA (Magna Cum Laude) from Pepperdine University in Marketing and Strategy. While at Pepperdine, Webberley participated in Shanghai’s Fudan University’s global extension program in management strategy in China. At USC, Webberley worked on numerous short films as director, producer and editor including the documentary IN BETWEEN DAYS, which won the Best Short Documentary award at the SxSW. She also produced and edited the festival favorite 35mm short film WINDED, which gained distribution through the MindIgnite Australian television series. Webberley is a producer/cowriter on the award winning graphic novel THE RED STAR (Christian Gossett), which is currently in development as a television series. The Red Star has sold over a million units worldwide, was voted among the Top 100 graphic novels of all time by Wizard magazine, and is one of the most critically acclaimed independent comics’ series of the decade.Her comprehensive film experience is matched by her diverse work in theatre where her love for the arts began. She has produced and directed several independent productions including SEBASTIAN AND THE TATTOOED LOVE LIBRARIAN, PERCEPTIONS, and SEARCH AND DESTROY (Jeremy Renner) at the Tamarind Theatre.Professional memberships include Film Independent, the International Documentary Association and

Women in Film. She produced the feature And Then There Was Eve most recently through her Metamorfic Productions, currently in post-production.


JEN PRINCE Producer/Editor

Jen Prince is an independent producer who hails from south Texas, where her love for music, theatre, movies and tableside guacamole began. Variety states, "Jen has a passion for small, character-driven films, and champions directors who are committed to crafting powerful performances.” Jen is currently in post-production on the feature, And Then There Was Eve, (Tania Nolan, Karan Soni, Mary Holland). She produced the micro budget indie- road feature, Eve of Understanding, which was distributed through Vanguard Cinema and screened at over twenty festivals worldwide, won Best Feature at AFI Dallas, Best Feature Beverly Hills HD Film Festival, Best Feature Female Eye Film Festival Toronto and Best Actress (Rebecca Lowman) at Boston Film Festival, Breckenridge Film Festival, among others. Her intensive making-of blog became required reading in the USC graduate film production program as a 'how-to-make-your-first-feature' primer.

Other recent work includes producing work on the feature RIPE, and a partnership with the San Antonio Young Filmmakers Association to mentor and Associate Produce the narrative feature, Fields Afire. She recently completed a 35mm short, Farewell My King, written and

directed by Christian Gossett. She is a graduate of the MFA Film Production Program at USC. She received her BFA in Acting and a BA in Liberal Arts in the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Jen’s theatre experience includes her award-winning one-woman show about the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, Voice of the Swan.

Jen also works in post-production television as a producer and editor. Credits include the Emmy Awards, The Contender (Mark Burnett Prods), and The Amazing Race (CBS). Jen is a mother of three boys and loves trying to keep up with them and, at times, watching the grass grow.


Gossett brings a unique blend of writing and design experience to Farewell My King. He was one of the first designers hired by Lucasfilm Licensing to retro- design the Star Wars galaxy in 1993. Gossett was only 23 years old when his radical concept drawing of a 'double-bladed lightsaber' was presented to George Lucas. George's approval memo hangs in a frame on the wall of Gossett's studio. Seven years later, this design would be made famous as Darth Maul's signature weapon in The Phantom Menace.

Bringing this same unique talent to bear when designing characters and weapons for the film and videogame industry, Gossett's character and concept designs have been sought by such visionaries as Sir Richard Taylor, Peter Jackson, and Tim Burton's new adventures of Disney's Alice in Wonderland'.

His videogame career began at Activision on the PSX. Since then, he has designed for Sega, Namco, Microsoft and others. His most recent game work will be seen on an upcoming release of Activision's flagship franchise Call of Duty. Gossett's ongoing project, The Red Star, having successfully launched as a PS2 / PS3 game, is now in development as a feature film at Warner Brothers. The Red Star has sold over a million units worldwide, was voted among the Top 100 graphic novels of all time by Wizard magazine, and is one of the most critically acclaimed independent comics' series of the decade.

Christian's graphic novel background informs his approach to filmmaking in every way, resulting in a distinctly original voice. For more detailed information, please visit www.christiangossett.com.


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