"And Then There Was Eve"

Alyssa, a successful photographer, wakes one morning to find her apartment ransacked and her husband mysteriously missing. Left without even a photograph to offer the police, she turns to his colleague Eve, a talented jazz pianist with a flirtatious charm and disarming grace. Eve helps her confront her husband’s longtime struggle with depression and to, over time, accept his absence. While getting to know this woman through such unusual circumstances, Alyssa is surprised to find herself falling in love again.

The film will open theatrically in Los Angeles at the Laemmle NoHo 7 on March 8, followed by a DVD & VOD release on March 12.


Winner: LA Muse Fiction - Los Angeles Film Festival


"Quality Problems"

Bailey and Drew are a 40 something couple much like other couples: They have two kids, two jobs and one boob with cancer. Toss in planning an 8 year old’s birthday party and the only thing you CAN do is laugh.


AVAILABLE NOW on major VOD platforms including iTunes and Amazon!

Winner: Director's Choice Award for Best Independent Spirit Feature, Sedona International Film Festival
Winner: BEST FEATURE FILM AUDIENCE AWARD Hell's Half Mile Film Festival
Winner: BEST ACTRESS JURY AWARD Hell's Half Mile Film Festival
Winner: BEST FEATURE FILM Women Texas Film Festival
Winner: AUDIENCE AWARDS Breckenridge Film Festival, Woods Hole Film Festival
Winner: BEST ENSEMBLE CAST Jefferson State Flixx Festival
Winner: BEST FEATURE FILM  ROFL Film Festival, Spain