Project Consultation

Do you have an independent project you are trying to get made?  Our clients have spun gold from straw and made over fifteen films, which have gained distribution. We can meet with you and discuss your story from page to execution and the possibilities of getting it made.   We can help you formulate a plan to get your project off your desk and into the world.  Our services range from the idea to the final product because our job is to help you make your vision come true.

Our services include:

  • story development at any phase of the project
  • visual development at any phase of the project
  • script coverage and notes
  • perfecting your pitch
  • business plan
  • identifying the target market for your project at your budget
  • casting consultation
  • budget creation or evaluation and recommendations
  • schedule creation or evaluation and recommendations
  • dealing with SAG agreements and paperwork
  • tax incentives counseling
  • storyboard creation or evaluation and recommendations
  • building your production team and hiring your crew
  • festival strategies
  • maximizing opportunities for ROI
  • domestic and foreign distribution
  • guide through delivery process
  • outreach, fundraising and grant opportunities
  • deal negotiation
  • outreach to sales agents and distributors on filmmaker behalf
  • increasing your profile a a filmmaker

We believe that projects shouldn’t just sit on a desk. If you are ready to make your film today, please contact us today: