An Indie Filmmaker’s Guide

This book is the first in a 3 part series. Part 1: Development/PreProduction; Part 2: Production and Part 3: Post-Production.

Part 1 is a great starting place for anyone considering creating content for VR. It includes things to consider in writing, directing and producing your first Virtual Reality Project.

When we made the leap from traditional filmmaking into VR, we did so on a deadline and working for a client. We did not have time to take a class. We had a quickly growing list of burning questions and very few resources for answering them. This book grew out of that experience.

We hope that if you are jumping into VR for the first time, this book saves you time by giving you an outline of the questions you need to answer about your project as well as some guidance from the field.

It’s the quick reference we wished we had when we said, “Yes, of course, we can produce content for Virtual Reality.”