Script Coverage, Doctoring, & Ghostwriting

Script Coverage and Notes

Scripts get one shot in Hollywood. Everyone has a story, but 99% of stories never make it off your computer. Do you have a script which needs to get noticed? Our writers have done everything from independent films to television movies to studio options and can help take your script to the next level.   What we do is read your script, analyze it and make sure what is in your head comes out on the page. For more information on how this works, and pricing, please email us so we can GET YOUR SCRIPT STARTED ON ITS JOURNEY.

Script Doctoring

If you are looking for more then Script Coverage and Notes, then you may be interested in our script doctoring services.  We have a couple of veteran script doctors on our staff who will actually make the changes on your document (in “red,” and your original draft is kept safe.) This way, you can see how we would move your script in new and exciting directions. Script doctoring includes comedy punch ups, page-to-page notes, questions, thoughts, ideas, suggestions for dialogue punches, action sequences, character arcs, or story changes (without actually making them) and answering any questions you might have that will take your play, script or novel to the next level. This will include your pitch and introductory letters to agents or managers if needed. This is not a standard reader’s report  (We offer those as well  — but we honestly think they are not relevant today).  Our job is to help you find the holes in your script and offer solutions to make it better, much better.  Our script doctor keeps their eyes on the things that sometimes writers lose track of: structure, style, format, beats, buttons, tone, character development, dialogue, action sequences and your elevator pitch.  After you had a chance to go over all of the notes, you may want to have an in person consultation which is also available.   The script doctor can assist you for several passes on the script if you wish.  It is all up to you.   The process can be as short or as lengthy as you wish.

Remember, you only have one shot at it in this town… no agent is going to read the same script twice. There are simply too many scripts out there.

If you are interested, contact us and let’s get started…

Time to get your script… OFF OF YOUR DESK!


If you have a great idea but you do not have the experience or the will to write the script, novel or play, this service is for you.    We have a veteran ghostwriter on staff that has had 20 years in the industry.  Ghostwriting fees vary depending on the length of the project and how much work you have already done on it/ the raw materials we have to work with.  Once you have a discussion with our ghostwriter and have explained the scope and current status of the project, we can determine if it is a 10k, 60k or 100k project.  It really depends on the extent and goals of the project.   We enjoy helping people pluck their stories from their heads and into potential New York Times best sellers. It’s a process we truly love and appreciate the journey of working with our clients to give them exactly what they want.  Turnaround times for scripts and novels vary but can be done in under three months.

For more information on how this works, and pricing, please contact us!   We can get your idea on its way to the page and even on its journey towards being published!