My Senior Summer

A hopeful video journal about how it feels to be a teenager navigating these odd times, Jude encourages us all to have the courage to forge our own way.


Sad Sally

Finding your soulmate in the internet dating world can be terrifying. Sally and Mason’s date starts off like any other: wine, small talk, and a few laughs. However when the heat turns up, things don’t go exactly as planned.


Only Child

A five-minute experimental film about the internal challenge of a Chinese toy painter as she is swept into a moment of artistic inspiration.


I ♥ U, Kaiju.

In this fun monster romcom, a first date is interrupted by the oddest thing - a roaming Kaiju.


Farewell, My King

On the morning of his father's death, an artist is inspired to pay tribute to him by capturing the moment on paper.





Jodie is a young track star in training, an Olympic hopeful whose success is called into question by her own choices. With two paths to potentially happiness, the one she's dreamed of alone and the possibility of a family with Paul, whom she loves... can she stop running?