Virtual Reality

Beat Of Her Own Drum

In this VR short, Chinese drumming is combined with practicing female athletes in a celebration of winter sports and the arts. Including athletes refining their speed skating, curling, figure skating, snowboarding and skiing, Beat of Her Own Drum is is a virtual unexpected and surprising combination of music and winter sports.


An Indie Filmmaker's Guide

This book is the first in a 3 part series. Part 1: Development/PreProduction; Part 2: Production and Part 3: Post-Production.

We hope that if you are jumping into VR for the first time, this book saves you time by giving you an outline of the questions you need to answer about your project as well as some guidance from the field.

It’s the quick reference we wished we had when we said, “Yes, of course, we can produce content for Virtual Reality.”



Catch Your Breath

In this VR short, an athlete's focus through breathing explores taking the audience on an exhilarating winter sports journey. Including athletes practicing slalom racing, sliding for the skeleton, cross country skiing, shooting at the biathlon range, snowboarding and speed skating, Catch Your Breath is an exhilarating virtual ride.