Miles Underwater

A narrative feature film currently raising post-production funds. Donate here. To receive an investor pitch packet, please contact us. Follow our project on Seed&Spark! Sign up for our newsletter.

Production wrapped on location in San Antonio, Texas.

*Grant WINNER, Finalist, Hometown Heroes Rally - Duplass Brothers/Seed & Spark
*2018 Grant FINALIST, Roy W. Dean Grants, From the Heart Production

"Be the eye of the storm"


A coming of age story about a teenager whose ordinary day turns extraordinary, forcing him to take a leap of faith which will change his life forever.


It's been 13 years since Hurricane Katrina and many displaced evacuees have made their home in San Antonio, Texas including thirteen-year-old Miles who is still struggling to figure out where he belongs. On the anniversary of the storm, odd things start to happen to Miles. As he navigates his strange day in this coming of age story, he meets a young ballerina with whom he has an immediate connection and he finds Kizzy's - an inclusive restaurant run and frequented by Katrina survivors. As Miles starts to put together the missing pieces of his life, he must face his biggest fear and take a leap of faith which will change his life forever.

a Metamorfic production
in association with Soapboxx Media and the San Antonio Young Filmmakers Project

Directed by: Jen Prince
Written by: Colette Freedman & Brooke Purdy
Produced by: Jen Prince, Jhennifer Webberley, Will Underwood
Co – Producers: Colette Freedman, Carter Smith & Clea Underwood